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Thread: humpday joke

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    humpday joke

    Four retirees who hadn't seen each other in quite a while got together for a game of golf. Before long, they began bragging about their children.

    "My Brian built a hugely successful Luxury Car Dealership," began the first. "He's done so well, he gave a friend a new car!"

    "Well, my Steve is now a very successful Real Estate Investor," said another. "He's done so well, he gave a friend a house!"

    "Matthew is an amazingly profitable Investment Banker," declared the third. "He's done so well, he gave a friend a portfolio. So what's Tommy doing?" he asked the fourth man.

    "Well, my Tommy is a gogo boy. I'm not too thrilled about that, but he must be doing pretty well. His last three boyfriends gave him a Mercedes, a house, and a stock portfolio!"

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    nice little laugh for the middle of the day.

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