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Thread: Moral Delema

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    Moral Delema

    If you had to would you give up gear? Give up the gains the feeling the results?

    If the one person (if there is one) you cared about said NO, its me or the gear what would your answer be?

    If gear made you an arsehole, and lets face it some of us are on gear, would you stop.

    If gear interferred with work would you stop.

    If gear usage made you seriously ill, would you come back to it again.

    If gear made you broke how far would you go to get the next cycle.

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    Those are interesting questions. I would give gear up fror a women, job and family. Everything else, hell no. BBing is very important to me, however, I could easily give it up for someone I loved. In hindsight though, I would not give up the lifting. This would have to be a sacrafice my lady would let me have. I would cut the gear but not the lifting. I think she would be understanding of that.

    As far as the job, if it were a job that I really wanted or liked then yes I would give it up.

    Good thread Big Al!!!

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    land of the cottonheads(F

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    Eventually my answer would be yes, but as of now no.

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    To lazy to answer all questions...but if i was on gear and really mad about a girl and she said to chose her or gear i go with gear, you can always get more pus! HAHAHAHAHA!

    Im in a wierd place right now, so that should be considerd.

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