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    My worst nightmare!!!!! :(

    2 weeks ago I crashed with my mountainbike. I landed on my right elbow, had to go to hospital to make some pictures. They dicovered a crack. I was extremely fucked up because I couldn't go to the gym. Couldn't move my right arm for two weeks. Had to walk one week with some kind of bandage.

    The recovery wil last 5 weeks. At this moment it's goiing very good. I can move my arm, only have to watch that i do it concentrated. And there is some liquid in my elbow.

    Have to take it easy for at least 2 weeks. And then i can go to the gym yes yes yes btw 1 week ago i went to the gym with the bandage to train legs. It was fucked up, i couldn't get my mind straight.

    So guys take it easy please ,because there is nothing more fucked up when you can't move your arm or legs.

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    Been there... Fractured my left elbow in 3 spots a few years back.... Major fucking damage... There's is a disc is your elbow which I broke in 3 places and actually pushed it out of place... Had a cast for 2 months and rehab for 3 months and it still hurts like a bitch with any heavy tricep work... Good luck brother yours sounds less painful then mine.... you should be fine...

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    I'm the winner here, my last motorbike crash resulted in both elbows broke and a scaphoid bone fracture in my left wrist which took me out of training for 11 months.

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    I jumped from a 2 meter high plateau with a bike, ended up braking my right arm. Ive busted my nuts a couple og times on the bar also

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    I did a 720 tail whip, indy air, with a mctwist ally oop into a 50/50 rail slide off a 500 ft cliff on K2 yesterday. Man was I ever fucked up...way better today tho, just benched a measly 450 for 12....damn I'm a pussy.

    actually riding a motocicleta ate it and shattered my left elbow to pieces. 10pm-430am surgery, 2 plates, 5 screws and long bolt will be forever in my arm. and get this...its not my superior arm...way more size, definition, cuts, and strength....

    i got an idea, anyone got a dirtbike i can borrow? lets see if he can fix me up right this time as well
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    Indiana. My phallus is bigger than Nathan's!
    here i am feeling like a wimp cause my best story is getting kicked in the nads waking up the next day 5X normal size and full of blood!!!

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    I need to live a little less sheltered life I think. No broken bones ever. Was in sports all through school and broke a girl's nose in basketball, but never had any broken. Hospitals freak me out though so I think I'll keep it that way.

    Bram, good luck with recovery.

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