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    Now im upset again!

    And no itīs not my mom thinking im gay cause i look at male bodybuilders again

    Were at the gym, itīs friday = arm day.
    Im in the gym section doing curls.
    My friend who was late and is in the PL section alone with one other guy, he plans on doing close grip triceps, and asked the other guy if the bench is free (there is 2 15kg plates on it) the guys says yeah noone has used that for like 30mins. So he starts pumping away, then this asshole comes in and mouth to him that it is his bench and he was just getting some water (he had been walking around the gym and just looked at other people). Anyway he starts to lift my friends weights off and tells him to fuck off, offcourse my friend wont take this and they start a VERY loud conversation, so i rush in there with my 60lbs DBīs ready to make some damage, closed followed by 2 other friends well over 200lbs each. The owner rushes in aswell, then this bastard turns it around and says that it my friend fault for being a dick...? and that he started it all.

    Nothing happend but why are some guys assholes and cant admit when they are wrong? He has no place in the gym at all IMO

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    There are losers like that in every gym bro.......

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    dude, knock the punk and ask questions later. if some1 hadnt been using something for 30 min then gets in my face, theyre asking to get their ass beat.

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    It happens all the time...

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    Bro turn it into a positive. There's a lot of violence everyday. If you or your friend want to inflict some pain I'm sure there are several times everyday you can take your shot. The best move is to use that to motivate you to get bigger and stronger. You will find less and less of the a**holes bothering you once you begin to swell.

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    I wonder what the other guys side of the story is...

    Playing advocate

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    Indiana. My phallus is bigger than Nathan's!
    i always say if you can just blow it off. no reason to get anybody hurt. especially since i know a few people who will come back with a gat and pop off a few rounds into somebody

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    jesus christ! where the hell do you people work out!

    I've never seen any negativity or personal aggression at the gym...but then again, I go to Gold's in Austin, TX.>>>where nothing happens.

    But my advice would be to just work it off, tear a little extra that day. F*ck him and his ignorance.

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    I work out in a YMCA so the only thing that ever gets to me is kids. But you can't go tossing kids around... So its no biggie..

    It's a pretty small town in the middle of nowhere...

    But it wouldn't be worth the possibility of getting an injury in a fight that would keep you from being in the gym at all.....(unless it can't be avoided)

    Just my opinion of course..

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