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    Big Show 23 Guest

    Problems with the site

    For some reason I can't access http// Is there a solution to this problem?

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    I can access it and so should everyone else. Try it again and PM PTbyJason if it still doesn't work.

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    Big Show 23 Guest
    I get asked if I'd like to open the file or save it to the computer.Which is not normal internet behaviour.When I choose open,I get asked what program I want to open the file in and if I choose Internet Explorer it still doesn't work.I don't like the idea of my internet access being restricted in any way.And this problem has to be recent because I've never had problems visiting the AR main page before.

    ARRGH!! This is so fustrating,someone must have messed up this computer somehow

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    still works for me bro. I think it is your computer honestly. Sorry bro.

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    Big are you behind a firewall? This problem I have seen with firewalls and IE settings, trying to open up HTML's.
    Here is a somewhat resolution from MS:;en-us;Q221998

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    Big Show 23 Guest
    Any clue as to what the problem could be?Because it has to be something about my internet settings.I don't know what could cause this


    I tried what the link suggests.That's what the problem is that doesn't work

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    Big Show 23 Guest
    The most annoying thing is that AR's main page is the only webpage that's affected in this way.All the other pages I visit (I even did random webpage searches)aren't affected in this way

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    I had a hard time signing on for the past month! It would just say "Thank you for logging on Neo" and then send me back to the sign in page....but for some reason it works perfectly now....

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    Big Show 23 Guest

    An update

    Thanks to an MSN penpal I have somewhat found a solution to the problem.In need to direct link to AR's main page,and even then when I try to access certain sections(even with driect linking)I still get that nonsense of

    "Do you want to open the file or save to the computer"

    I can't seem to view some parts in the Steroid Resources section and in the Diet and Fitness section such as "Suppliers list,injection info,comming off steroids ,anabolic diet,food profiles.But at least I can enjoy some of the info on the main site now.If I have any other questions I'll just post them in the appropriate section of the forum

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