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    Angry Anyone else wanna hunt down Bin Laden?

    i hate this man! There was an article in the toronto Sun yesterday about Bin Laden's training camp. Hes testing out chemical weapons on dogs. He traping poor helpless dogs and setting off chemicals and seeing how much pain it goes through before it dies. whats even worse is that they video tape this madness and now the americans have their hands on the tapes.. there was like 52 tapes in total or something like that. Americans feel Bin laden is now going to use a lof of new chemical weapons...
    Holy shit lets get this fucker!

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    Not really, he's a good guy. Fuck yea I wont to get him, what kind of question was that. I would kill that motherfucker in a slow death. He's nothing but a little bitch, if that fucker is so bad why dont he show his face? He's a fucking pussy. They should nuke that whole fuckin place over there, Kill the fucking Towel heads.

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    Think the government has already got him or his own condition got the better of him. Now it is just to find all of his followers... Did I mention how much I hate those terrorists B*stards? I mean, what kind of sick individual wants to start world wide war and justify it by his own self proclaimed religion?

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    Don't you want to break his skinny arm?

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    this f@cker deserves to have a nuke shoved up his fu_cking ass!! not only this bastard, but his bunch of radicals that follow him.

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