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    Tongue frenulum (web) removal?

    I am interested in having the web under my tongue removed/cut back. Has anyone ever had this done before and if so .. how much money are we talking? I would like to get a tongue ring and I was told that the web is to far forward and the ring would have to be angled. I have done some research on the process but i havent seen any price from anyone who has been to a real doctor/surgeon. I have read of people going to "a guy down the street" and that isnt for me. My friend had it done and it cost him $100 but he had insurance. Thanks for the info. (and with a tongue that sticks out farther ... this wouldnt hurt with the ladies)


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    The Rink!!
    that is a messed up site bro...damn

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    Sportsmans paradise

    Thats a good way to intrude bolis movement and impede oxygen passage

    in other words to choke and die

    lol its your choice

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    what would ever possess one to do this ?

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    I just got my tongue pierced not to long ago. That picture just made me sick. !ouchie!

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    Canada, Montreal eh!
    I had it cut by a dentist surgeon, while he was doing a check up, he noticed it was a bit too far ahead and sugested to have it done soon.

    It was a 30 minute procedure and it was a bitch for a week!
    Unless you like eating soft foods and ocasional pain then go ahead.
    Price, $350 CAN!!!

    At least i can move my tongue more freely now... the wife seems to like it.

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    Yaz, I've had it done. It cost me about $100 but it was worth it in my opinion. My original reason for having it done was that my speech was messed up due to my extended frenulum. But I am glad I did it. I don't know if it helped a whole lot with my speech, but like Adonis said, the females seem to like it.

    Enrage, I am not into that. That's pretty sick. People will get anything pierced nowadays.

    Key, that looks like a forked tounge that she was having done. I know a guy that did that, but he went to a plastic surgeon so it was done right. He is a tattoo artist and a body piercer and he still went to a surgeon. That's just sick though.

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