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    My wife's 9/11 poem

    Ive never read this poem untill today and I found it in our local newspaper. Im proud of her and wanted yall to read it.

    The Suprise Attack

    Waking early on a bright sunny day
    Rushing out, trying to get on the way
    Forgetting to leave without goodbye
    Just a small smile could brighten the sky
    Busy at work when the time came
    Killing thousands with just a few planes
    We all watched with tears flowing
    Why?? Was the only question glowing
    We lifted our fear to the one above
    And He answered with actions of love
    A nation as one we will stand
    Within each heart were holding hands
    I pray for each family that was affected by these horrible attacks and know
    they will be blessed with God's love

    American Attack

    Running out the door with no thought in mind
    Not saying "I love you" or taking the time

    Another day or work, they begin
    Not know the future or day's end

    Within a second a plane crashes to earth
    Taking many lives upon its hearth

    Americans mourn the terrorist attack
    We join and retaliate showing no slack

    Justice will be served in time
    When they face the Lord for their crime
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