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    All Frank Zane fans read

    Has Zane every talked about his roid use? I know he's written several books and I plan to read them, but for those who already have read them does he talk about it? In Arnold's Unauthorized Bio it talks about which roids he used mostly (primo and 9dbol/day), and he's relatively healthy today except for his heart probs (which can be linked to other drug use and congenital defect). Zane, on the other hand, is even older, and even more healthy, so I am interested if anyone knows what type of stuff he did.
    Thanks all.

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    there was a article some years ago, said in his days they did 3 d/bol plus 200ml/deca etc 12 to 9 weeks before a contest........hope it helps.

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    GET his newsletter. it comes out 4 times a year and is awsome for any Frank Zane fan.. in it he has talked in detail about his personal use of steroids and supplements as use for anti-ageing medication. --ZANEDOM

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