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    started a cycel..Got all F*cked up.....but now im back

    hey bros Well its been a couple of months since i last posted but now im back finally...........i missed you guys

    thinks were pretty messed up for me I did all my research for months and months and decided on a cycle It was going to be TT dbols 40mg ED, TT equipose 400mg week, Tornel Ethanate 400mg week I got Arimidex and was running it at .5mg EOD Had the clomids milk thistle ALA.......the whole bit.....I did a sh*t hold of research

    Started the cycle in the begining of July 2002.....Within two weeks my training partner and i put on 6lbs each Everything was going great Then all of a sudden both of us end up with cellulitis in our freakin ankle So that set us back about a week cause i could barely walk

    Then hit the gym again a week later i start vomitting like crazy and i cant eat for like a 4 days and the doc doesnt know whats wrong with me Finally i get better and have been keeping up with my cycle, go back to the gym and pull my hamstring doing legs I was like WHAT THE F*CK

    So i stopped the cycle the bad part is i wasted about half of it but i still have a full bottle of Eq and Test plus clomids and Arimidexs

    Ive been hittiing the gym hard again and planning on competing sometime within a year According to some of the guys at the gym that compete i should do pretty well

    My problem now is whether i should wait and cycle when i get a little older your should i go ahead and cycle Ive grown aolt over the past year without AS and i think im still growing plus i just turned 20 a few months ago My only delema is that i know that the majority of the guys in the show are gonna be on something

    The guys at the gym know that im not on anything and they tell me i should place well in the show for it being my first one So im thinking if naturally i could place well with AS i should do even better

    I dont know what to do?????and since the gear i have made me sick im thinking that its no good and i should scrap it and buy a whole new cycle? What do you guys think?

    The guys from

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    Sorry to hear about your bad luck bro. If you know you are still growing and you didn't freeze your growth plate last time(your lucky) I would say compete naturally this time. Your first show is not about winning anyway. You can get some experience with contest prep and the actually competition.

    BTW Welcome back

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    Sounds like you gotta hold of some bad juice. I would get rid of the rest of it and buy all new juice.

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    how do you get cellulitis in your ancles???????????????????/
    and if it's both of you I second tt333 bad juice...throw it away

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    Dude, I bet there is a "Charlie Brown raincloud" hovering above your head too........

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    scrap it and i will send you my address soon!!

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