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    First results of CKD!!!!

    Alright guys for those of you who are experienced or know of someone who has experience with the CKD/KETO diet how long was it before they noticed a difference in bodyfat? Im trying to stay away from the scale and use my mirror as a guidence but this is the third day into week two and Im not sure if i know what the expectations are. I am patient and am willing to wait it out and take as long as is needed but I would atleast like a timeline goal for what I should expect,please give your inpu,thanx bros !! ex. How much bodyfat did they lose a week? is 1% a week too far fetched of a goal? is 1% every other week too easy of a goal? or is 1% every other week still hard to obtain,thank you guys for any kind of input again

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    It shouldnt take you more than 2 weeks to notice a weight loss. Look for the 6-8 week mark for BF % loss..

    Tip : Stay away from the scale, when doing CKD you can mind F&*% yourself. I would weigh in every 2 weeks....You should lose about 5-8 lbs in the first 2 weeks....

    Watch your cab-load days.....( NO Beer and pizaa ) Carb load means ., load wisely......

    Bro, you know what I'm telling you, you've only read about half the damn internet about CKD....Its not rocket science and weight loss isnt either. Its all about dedication.....How bad do you want it bro ?

    Yu can not expect results in under 2 weeks.... Also dont get all pumped when you lose 8 lbs then carb load on twinkies...You'll be F %^!!

    Nuke !

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