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Thread: The Dream...

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    The Dream...

    Holy shit bros,,, it's like 2am here and I just had one of those sit-straight-up-in-bed-screaming-for-mama dreams!
    this is how it went... (sorta, it's already starting to fade...)

    first I'm standing on a seawall looking at the water and I hear a noise so I turn around and there is this disfigured looking woman who is bent over double ~~ her butt cheeks have eye's in them and her face (that's yelling at me from down by her ankles) reminds me of one of those characters from "Pink Floyld, The Wall"
    So I turn back towards the water just in time to see a bunch of chickens riding on the backs of sharks with guns and hats like little Poultry Cowboys... So this startles me (I know, and the chick with eyes in her butt didn't?!?!) So I run in the house (childhood home) and there is a big mirror just inside the door, so I look in the mirror and my reflection is the Tazmanian Devil wearing a wedding dress, complete with vail and socks with garter belts!!! That's when I woke up...
    it was a short but intense ride my brothers... fuck me... I think I should have passed on the Salsa I ate (and had to scrape some mold off of..) while I was watching TV earlier...
    well, I'd love to stay and analyze this "vision" but I think I'd rather go see how it ends....

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    sounds like too much tv....

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    Crazy dream, I was just riding down seawall on the way home from Molly's Pub and everything was A okay. I did see a few hookers around 33 and seawall but they were all dressed for the chill. I'm sure they had a big ol eye as an asshole from all the anal they receive. I'm gonna hit the hay myself...and try to have a more peaceful dream...later!

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    I know what happened to you...that is, if you've ever ate Nathan's cooking.

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    I had a dream the other night that these crazy gremlin type things were chaseing me with syringes and trying to inject me full of some nasty looking gear! Weird I tell ya!

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    Too much TV and AR

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