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    Smile Synthetic Test + Pheromes = GIRLS!

    Is it me, or when you're on the sauce are chicks attracted to you like crazy!? Besides the boost in your ego and self confidence while on the sauce (but I didn't really give a shit about the go or confidence) the only other conclusion I can think of is...PHEROMES!

    Yesterday, I saw the biggest ugliest fucker I seen in my life. 6'1" and maybe 250lbs RIPPED, and the broad he was with was a banging 12/10. Just picture perfect. Now what's up with that.

    1) Either she was fat before and he helped her slim down and she loves him for who he is
    2) The Pheromes from all the sauce he's taking is taking effect on the hot little broad

    Either way, good for him.

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    I think its just the fact that you carry yourself with alot of confidence and that shows. Plus the fact that you are a walking hard on all the time i found when i was on all i thought about was sex.

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