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    Steel city, for now.

    Anyone play dead to rights on PS2 yet?

    Man I saw this game on tv and it looks sweet as!! It looks to a be a combo of Max Pyane and Metal gear soild.. It looks awesome and i think my girl is gonna get it for me now for christmas, so i can't play it till i get it.. Tell me what you think of the game

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    i'm thinkin about buyin a PS 2 or askin for one for Christmas now. they got so much sweet shit - what's that Mech Warrior game they got out now, damn. and then of course GTA : Vice City, then that game you're talkin about, then Resident Evil Zero, bringin back Shinobi & Contra !

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    I just got it last week (copied it), played it for about 5 min, it looks pretty cool, just havent had time to get into it yet, will let you know more later.

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