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Thread: T3 baby!!!

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    T3 baby!!!

    Whats up bros,

    I saw the T3 preview last night at the lord of the rings. Ya i was one of the loser who went to the midnight show! . But that preview looked bad ass! Its funny cuz apparently terminators age too! haha. But he dude looks huge still! Another cool thing thats sweet DUMB AND DUMBER 2 is coming out in the summer!!!

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    LOL thats funny.

    Do you think he can still get the job done? in his last couple films he has looked old. Arnold is the best thing that happened to the sport and i hate to see him age.

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    Arnold needs a little HGH!

    Can't wait to see T3, it's gonna be good even if Arnold is starting to show his age.

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    Arnold is like ALWAYS huge. I recently watched Collateral Damage, I know that's not very recent, but it's pretty new. Was filmed I think in 2001. He looks huge in that too! There is a scene of him in the shower in the very beginning, and even tho it just shows him shoulder height, he still looks WIDE! And he's got some massive traps!

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