Just about in from my run a few minutes ago, saw the funniest fight:

It was about 12, was about to go for a run when my foster cousin and cousin came to my door. The foster cousin was ""steaming" (If you can get steaming from two budweisers that is) wanted to down the street to kick in this little ginger thing that kept phoning him.

I went. When we got their, took a while to get him out the house but he eventually came out with some bird. They walked towards each other and basiclly, tried to grab each other, it was pathetic. The foster cousin is 17, the ginger guy was around 14 and under 5 foot tall. They "pussiy punched" if you will when the ginger guy pulled him in the bushes then the bird started kickingthe foster cousin in the face and ribs ().

He yelled at me to get him, I just stood and laughed while my real cousin (An extremely fat cunt whom I hate right now) grabbed a branch and ran towards them shouting "I'm Comming".

The ginger guys parents came out and we left, I never got involved, just stood and laughed.

The funny thing is, they are both complete pussies, I could honestly take out all four of them at the same time, well I wouldn't have hit the bird. Now the foster cousing has blood on his new clothes and he still thiks he kicked him in.

It was great