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    AR Juicehead of the Year

    This is the speech I'm preparing for the upcoming 2002 AR awards:

    "Thank you...thank you very much my fellow AR members, it is a great honor for me to be here tonight and accept this prestigious award. When I first started out on AR, I was this scrawny, malnourished 16 yr. old punk...over time I met some very good people and learned the fundamentals of a successfull bodybuilder. 8 cycles and 3 liver transplants later i have blossomed into what I always dreamed of becoming...A gigantic freak of nature!!!!!! (tears coming down my face)

    I'm sorry I'm getting tearyeyed but this means soo much to me. All the injections, outragous grocery bills, huge monsterous zits, the constant staring, the countless hours in the gym, special ordering XXXXL shirts, and the sleepless nights have finally paid off

    Without further due, I would to give a special thanks to all my friends at AR who have been to hell and back with me, my source...who has never failed to fullfill an order, my parents...who have given me the genetics to make this happen and the support to pursue my dreams, and last but not least, I would like to thank my ass...for the pain it endured and the scars it now lives with. Let's hope this year is as good as last year for the AR community."

    This is off the beaten track but i was thinking it would be interesting to have an AR member of the year. Just a thought.

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    Nice speech

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    haha! great speech

    "AR member of the year" sounds like a cool ide to mee

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    He's talking aboot the Annual AR junior juice awards of 02

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    not where I want to be
    funny bro

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    LMFAO, you should get an award just for coming up with that speech!!! We may have to put this on the idea to do list.

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