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    what program do I use to turn dvd to DivX?

    the question speaks for itself i think. I have a DVD player on the computer and want to turn some dvd's into DivX format or some other good format that can fit on to 700mg CD's.

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    well if you're using linux as your operating system instead of winbloze, you can use 'mencoder' which is a part of 'mplayer'. then you just determine how long the movie is in minutes, run some shell script with the number of minutes as an argument, and it will tell you the bitrate you need for the resulting divx to fit on a single 700mb cd. once you know the bitrate, you gotta determine which title is the actual movie. then you can run 'mencoder'.

    to recap. for a movie that is 136 minutes long, you run the script dvd2divx like this:

    [cjb@semaphore cjb]$ dvd2divx 136
    Calculating rate for movie which lasts 136 minutes...
    Estimated rate: 558
    Estimated size: 699720
    The command is:
    mencoder -dvd <title number> -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:vhq:vbitrate=558 -vop scale -zoom -xy 640 -oac mp3lame -lameopts vol=10:br=128 -o <filename>
    [cjb@semaphore cjb]$

    then just run the 'mencoder' command as it says filling in <title number> with the title number of the actual movie, and <filename> with the name of the resulting divx file you are creating.

    you also need 'lame' installed if you want the audio to be encoded as mp3 (which reduces the size a lot).

    and thats my linux tip for the day! if you're a winbloze user...*shudder*...i guess you can go here: and look around the forums or support pages. also, check out this page:

    -- clocky baby

    P.S. that dvd2divx shell script is a modification (by me) to the dvd-ripping shell script made by some spanish guy.

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