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    Marine History Help...

    I have my PRMC on the 7th and I am stuck on quite a few of the questions on the sheet they gave us. I've got most of them but there are a few that I cannot find the answers to.

    Bellow is the questions and my answers, If some of you could look it over see if I'm right with them and hoefully fill in the blanks.


    1. When was the corps formed?

    28TH October, 1664.

    2. What is the motto of the Royal Marines?

    Per Mare Per Terram

    3. What does it mean?

    By Land, by Sea.

    4. In what year did the siege of Sevastopol occur?


    5. Who was Hannah Snell?

    She was the first female marine that posed as a man to find her lost brother.

    6. How many VC’s were awarded to the Royal Marines as a result of the raid on Zeebrugge?


    7. When was the siege of Gibraltar?


    8. What was the corps last major battle honour?

    The Falkland War.

    9. Name three current commando units?

    40 Commando – Norton Manor, Somerset
    42 Commando – Plymouth, Devon
    45 Commando - Arbroath

    10. Where are they based?


    11. What does SBS stand for?

    Special Boat Service

    12. The lion and crown denoted a “Royal” regiment. Who conferred this honour upon the RM and when?

    George 3’rd - 1802

    13. What happened in 1761, and how is it represented in the Corps badge?

    The Globe – Surrounded by laurels, was chosen by George 1V as a symbol of the marines success in ever quarter of the world. The laurels honour the capture of Bell Isle in 1761.

    14. Name five of the specialist qualifications (SQ), you could be trained for.

    15. Name 5 of the technical qualifications you could be trained for.

    16. What is the current rifle in use by the Corps commonly know as?

    17. Where are the headquarters Royal Marines (HQRM) situated?

    Whale Island, Portsmouth.

    18. Where is the commando training centre (CTCRM) located?

    One mile from Lympstone.

    19. What is the length of service for the RM?

    Up to 22 Years

    20. What is the monthly rate of pay if you are, over 18 / under 18 of joining?

    On entry – 10,776 per year

    21. How many weeks training do you undergo to become a Royal Marine?

    30 Weeks.

    22. Describe the notice period if over 18 / under 18 if applying for early discharge.

    23. When was the battle for the Falklands?


    24. What does the foul anchor indicate on the Corps emblem?

    It shows that the Marines are part of the Royal Navy.

    25. What does RMLI and RMA stand for?

    26. Who was instrumental in formation of the combined operations, which gave birth o the Commando and the coverted Green Beret?

    27. From where is the word commando derived?

    28. Can you join as a RM PTI, Physical Training instructor?

    29. What battle are the laurels encircling the globe believed to honour?

    The capture of Bell Isle.

    30. What monarch chose the globe to represent the Corps success in every quarter of the world?

    George 1V
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    The British Corps eh? I started answering for the US... I was like - what? - October 28, 1664 - no Tun Tavern back then...

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    The British Royal marines should have a website. Search for that. I used to know it but cant remember the addy anymore.

    Try some of these.


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    Thanks for the help, updated the list with more (I hope) answers.

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