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    Do you think we are going to war? And do you feel its right?

    Just wondering how many of you feel were going to war soon. I got a feeling its gonna happen next month. Were deploying to many troops and stepping up training very fast. Personally, I feel were doing the right thing, I just hope Hussein doesn't have some kind of weapon we don't know about. I'm a former Marine and support our President completely. The situation (Any war), is a daunting and violent thing. I just hope it all ends well. God bless America.

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    We should have dealt w/ him the last time we were over there. I just hope this time the President let's our boys do the job....

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    If our elected leaders feel its justified, then it probably is. I trust those men would not go to war or risk the lives of others if it was not justified. You also have to understand that they are dealing with tons of information and these things are their jobs, i don't beleive that u can make the decision to go to war by just watching CNN.

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    War sucks all around obviously, but it's our job to defend the rest of the world as well as ourselves. Is it necessary? I don't really know.

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