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    Fitness Modeling

    Judging from the number of posts alluding to the subject, a number of AR members either do some amount of fitness modeling, or at the very least have intentions of doing so. I've talked to a few of you about this, but want to throw it out in the open in the hopes of starting a greater discussion that might assist any number of people curious about beginning such an endeavor - either as a career or "something on the side".

    In the past, I had done what could be considered almost "fake" fitness modeling - a local chain of gyms thought i was in decent shape and asked if i'd like to be one of the few people to be involved in their (rather localized) ad campaign. It was done fairly professionally, though I doubt with the same degree of professionalism that a more comprehensive fitness modeling "gig" might entail (but hey, it's a start). Anyway, it got me very interested in pursuing it a bit more. I recently struck up conversation with an older gentleman at the gym (he's in his early 50's but honestly has the body of a chiseled 30 year old) who works fairly frequently as a fitness model and we have since discussed it a number of times with him agreeing to put me in touch with the individual who helped him get started...i'm assuming this is a step in the right direction?

    Bottom line, i'd love to hear what those of you either involved or hoping to get involved in the industry have to say or give as advice. It's appreciated. Thanks.

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    My friend is sponsered by EAS, they pay for his AS too wtf? anyways, i want it like that ;\ he models for their sups.

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    I haven't done specifically "fitness" modeling (i.e. Men's Health cover) but have done modeling for Hugo Boss. I was, however, initially approached at the gym. A guy came over and was asking if I had ever done any modeling before. At first I thought that was trying to hit on me or something. Well, I decided to believe him and I gave it a shot. Three years later I can say that I made a good amount of money, met some cool people, and, most importantly, had fun! Hey...all this time in the gym can actually 'pay' off.
    I grew up as your typical 'jock' and always thought models were a bunch of pretty boys. After this experience, however, my attitude has totally changed. My advice to you would be...Give it a shot. Who knows where it will take you. Worse case senario, you end up doing a bit of modeling in your spare time and make a little extra cash. Keep me posted...

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    check out this website:
    If they like your look, they will invest in you.

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    Originally posted by shorty2big
    check out this website:
    If they like your look, they will invest in you.

    i checked the site out..i know 2 of the guy's on there...thats weird..they used to go to my gym...Madmax...

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