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    Misconception about 'roid rage

    As I sit here going on hour 3 now,, because I'm too crippled to get up... (see "just shoot me" thread) I came to a realization... AS don't make you "rage" per se', they just give you the insight to realize that some people are just assholes, and need a good bitch slap once in a while... and another thing... wait...oh shit,,, I got an itch... I can't reach it and not a stick in sight... oh God,, please don't make me get up... oh wait, theres my fishing rod, if I could just reeeach it without tippppping ove *&%^JYG OB L>>>>>>>>>>>.....................................
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    You ok buddy?

    It's all about the individual. If you're the type of person that's angry on your own, than AS is only going to make things worse. I find myself getting angry at times, but I'm good at holding it in and controlling it. On AS, I pretty much held in any anger just as well... except on one incident...

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    I dont get angry at all while on, except for while driving... just stay the hell away from my truck and everything will be ok. I also find myself getting very pissed at people in the gym but I use that aggression towards my next set.

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