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    Enlarged male breasts...

    how is it possible to reduce this.. it is not from steriod use but just have always had them and i try to work out and do cardio but it doesn;t seem to help is there any drugs on the market to change this... and will taking steriods make it even worse???

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    You'll likely get more responses in the steroids forum, since it technically is a steroid question (at least by the end). I, too, would like to have some answers on this...not so much your question directly, but whether one can accurately gauge their proclivity towards gyno (what you're essentially talking about here). A number of people seem to hold that other sides can be at least slightly estimated (MPB for example) prior to a cycle, but answers concerning gyno seems to be a bit evasive, to say the least. I tend to deposit fat in the chest area while bulking (so does lee priest, so i'm cool with it) - not immediately but as the bodyfat creeps up into the teens. So, long story short, i'd like to hear some discussion on this as well.

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