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Thread: good story

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    Talking good story

    So last night was basically one of the last nights i am going to have fun before i go back on cycle. Im going to start on dbols next monday, so drinking is out of the question, and smoking isnt my thing more than once in awhile. so needless to say, last night i just about forgot my own name.

    well, all of my friends know i use gear, and some of them really are paranoid about rage. my best friend and i got into a small argument over some BS factoid because we bicker like an old married couple. anyway, later in the night, our over-excitable, all-around spastic friend pat left to get something out of his car or some bullshit. everyone was pretty tanked and most of us had smoked too. our friend pat is outside; and my best friend and i get the idea to stage a fight for when he gets back. right before he comes in, we happen to find fake blood for halloween. so we smear each other ear to ear, our arms, shirts, and my face, and the couch. pat comes in to see me screaming at kevin, stabbing him in the throat with a huge screwdriver. he runs out of the room screaming, of course, i give chase. i chased him in the pouring rain for two blocks. screaming "you saw too much dude, i cant let you go" Im alot faster than him, but i kept back. He was screaming "I love you. NO dont do this. Ill give you money." completely hysterical. he called the police from a few blocks away and we had to explain the whole situation to two officers who thankfully found it slightly humorous but were pissed that their time was wasted.

    the moral of the story is.... the myth of roid rage can definately produce some funny situations if you're creative enough

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    That sounds like something I would have done in 6th grade...
    Frat boys huh?

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    funny shit

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    hahaha, "ill give you money", classic. where was the video camera.

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    HELL - I got the last col
    now that's some funny shit

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    I would have pissed my pants!!

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