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    Day-to-day determinants of vascularity?

    This is kind of an ambiguous question with regards to what forum it might belong in, so I decided to put it into the most widely read one outside of the one that would bring some "don't put that question here" flames.

    Anyway, I'm very curious as to what might effect vascularity not so much on the long term, but the short term, ie day to day or even hour to hour. As I understand it, it has a great deal to do with hydration, though that can not be the only component because I can be dead thirsty and have skimped on my water all day and display nice vascularity, while other times that same condition will leave my veins very well buried. It does appear that for myself, bodyheat plays an active role - when my temp is fairly elevated, they seem to pop. However, even this does not seem to be a constant. I'm just curious as I got out of the shower right now and my vascularity was the best it's been in months....despite my being sick all day yesterday and able to eat only three pieces of toast all day. Any thoughts??

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    Another in depth question by Big Green, "Deep thoughts by..."

    I think it has more to do with max glycogen stores in addition to proper hydration. When I am depleted I look flat - after carbing up or a day off, I look more pumped and vascular. And carbs bind to water for a fuller look.

    I have heard this to be a break through in competitions when BB's found they actually looked better the day after the show - after they ate normal macro ratios (w/some binging) again they looked more vascular and their muscles more pumped.

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    BigGreen, I was wondering the same thing myself...I injected a gram of eq into my body this week and cannot figure out why my veins look like firehoses

    Actually, I think Warrior made a very good point about the link between carb loading and vascularity. Case in point...Last night I went out and had a few drinks with some friends. Today I had my typical 1st meal of the day, oats and <a href="" target="_blank">protein</a> mix. Around noon I threw back a nice, big, juicy hamburger. About an hr. later, I kid you not...the veins in my forearms look like they were about to jump outta my skin. Wow! never seen ithem like that before. Damn now I really can't wait to start cutting up for the summer and carb loading once every 3 days.
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    I get to inject a gram of EQ next week

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    I think it is carbs. I am doing low carbs right now and I just got back from a japanese rest. and I couldn't help myself not to eat 40$ worth of sushi, now I just looked down at my forarms and they look like they have snakes running through them instead of veins. It is pretty crazy.


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    for me heat and and hydration seem to affect my vascularity the most every day...when i get out of the shower sometimes i feel like im going to pop, other times if i drink water before i go to bed then the shower doesn't have the same effect. like some of the other bros who have responded i find that when i go light on the carbs my muscles don't look as full which in turn relates to the vascularity. i try to check for improvement in vascularity once every week or so because it jumps daily like you were saying big green.

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    try some lemon juice in your daily water, not your workout water cuz it will sour your stomach. i noticed when i get pissed off every vien in my body pops out. my girl used to make fun of me cuz i get one in my forhead that spring up, when i lose it. weird ha

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    HELL - I got the last col
    there are 3 main factors thata contribute to vascularity

    1. Heat - Heat is directly related to blood pressure. As your body temp. rises, typically and i do stress typically, your blood pressure increases, thus putting more pressure on the heart and veins which transport the blood

    2. Carb intake - This appears to be a more of an independent factor due to everyone's independent tolerance/fault levels. This also is what i'm trying to figure out which was touched on at the top..

    It appears carbs with a high GH/GI index tend to provide better veins...why is this as compared to the sugars?

    3. Vein depth - What I mean by this is simply how deep the vein is buried in your muscle, we know that some veins have tons of water/fat on top of them and we will never see them, but some (most in the forearms and bi's) are easier to see. I've noticed the farther you get from the heart, the easier veins are to see. typically because the human body is less "thick" as it branches out.

    Ok, these were my opinions and i'm researching this topic now, because damn it I want my veins.

    I've noticed temper is related to heat as when mad, heat is increased....carbs (for me, a potato makes me vascular the next day)

    and also, water intake *with lemon* if i for instance, dont drink any while doing cardio...the veins in my legs come up...if I do...i see the outline of them but they are not as pronounced....

    JMO..i'd love to hear more idea's...

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    In addition to all that was said above....

    Viens are actually supposed to come closer to the surface when body temp. rises. It is part of the cooling mechanism of the body. Likewise when it is cold. Viens will often disappear to conserve body heat, etc.


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