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    Law & Order about juice tonite...

    The law and order that is going to conclude momentarily dealt with steroid abuse . A high profile baseball player and his cousin beat the guy who sold them steroids (the limo driver) to death and dumped the body. the 'professional' who diagnosed the player did not think he was delusional, but rather 'raging' from all the 'synthetic chemicals surging through his body.' talk about ridiculous...just one more example of the prevailing ignorant attitudes our society loves to gobble up...i can picture mother and father sitting there 'yep, those steroids will make you crazy and a monster, gonna get the rage'...shit like this always makes me mad so i thought i would post to hear some more of your rants.

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    That was a rerun. Normally I watch L&O reruns but I thought that episode sucked.

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    what ever he was doing it wasnt enough. Man atleast if you going to make shit use someone who looks like the yare on shit

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