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    Some workouts are just destined to suck

    Elected to train delts alone today, something I do every now and again to hit em nice and hard as opposed to going at them after chest or back. I was having quite possibly one of the best shoulder workouts i've had in a Looooooong time: I know to some on this board it ain't a whole lotta weight by a longshot, but I was able to work seated dumbbell presses with the 90 pounders for 8 clean reps on my last set....and that's a good showing for me, so I was psyched. I couldn't wait to get on to some explosive but strict side laterals to throw some caps onto those guys as a reward for working the dumbbell presses so well. Well, I sit down, get ready for the first set, catch some light in the mirror (and for some reason bright light makes me sneeze....anyone else??) and feel a huge sneeze coming on. Well, it hits me, I rear back and sneeze and, as soon as I plow forward from the momentum of this blast of a sneeze, i feel my entire lower back just "go".......I could barely walk out of there, let alone finish the workout. One of my best workouts in some time cut short by a friggin SNEEZE of all things. At least there's some honor in having it cut short because you have to run across the street and rescue a beautiful blonde from a fire, or because the power rack collapsed on you...but a sneeze??!! Shit.

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    Woah bro, that's scary stuff. I once had a stinger in my back for 2 weeks because I bent over wrong to pick a 5 pound text book. Back/Knees are picky as hell, gotta be careful, glad you're okay tho.

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    I know thw feeling

    I got good legs and decent back... squats, deads, leg press, calf raises all nice and heavy (well, heavy for me!)

    And of course how do I take out my back?

    Lifting a fucking tire at work! Not even a car tire, just one of those small 12in trailer tires without the damm rim! Pulled my lower back real bad and was out of action for 3 weeks.

    Other thing I have to be carefull with is yawns and sneezes... If my head is not poiting forward, I get NASTY cramps in my neck muscles. Sometimes with a deep yawn, I even get a neck muscle completely seize up HARD.

    Now thats fucked up!


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    wow big green- i like you but

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