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    Adrenaline Junkies

    Well, I am fairly new to the board, although my husband, Doc M is on here quite a bit. He has went on a Mountain Climbing trip to Mt. Rainier, and told me he wanted to see me post a few times while he was away. So, I have thought about this and I am very curious as to how many of you guys/gals are adrenaline junkies. We both are very adventurous and when we have a free moment, we both like to mountain climb, scuba dive, and sky dive, along with a few other activities. Anyway, I'm just curious to see how many would rather jump from a plane or sit at home and watch reruns on A&E. Thanks!


    By the way, I am 3 months pregnant and sitting at home bored out of my skull...If you can't tell..For you females out there..This is what happens..They get you pregnant..Leave for the mountains..And leave you at home to die of boredom!!!

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    Georgia @ 6'8"/290lbs
    I used to climb alot. I was a 5.11 climber at one point and then I gained weight and it made it very difficult. I also got married and that kinda put a damper on things. I now long to jump out of a plane naked with a stein full of beer in one hand and the other on a rip cord.

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    I have been over 130mph in many a vehicals and bikes. That is my thrill.


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    Life is meant to be lived to its fullest and every moment I have remembered vividly has come from fear and adrenaline. I would hate to think I had lived my life without ever having done something I might die from so I guess yes I am an adrenaline junky. Glad to see you posting on the board.

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    hey adrenaline comes from being behind the scenes

    i pit for a local modified dirt track team and love standin on the hauler watchin my driver kick ass...knowing it was ME who worked on the car....

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    well,i had i jump..nothing like that first step..i also have a bike that runs low 8 seconds in the quarter so i guess im a adrenaline junkie..have a need for speed.

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    i used to roof for 6 years and alot of jobs were up there with nothin but a 2x4 to stand on. This was a thrill for me being 5 stories up makin money and at the edge of stand tall or die!!!!!!! ((looking foward to skydiving one day!!)) BIG-G

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    adrenaline is my favorite high. that was the main reason i decided to get a big tattoo, i wanted to see what it felt like. im also a wierd wierd dude, my favorite music has sweet lyrics, but i like going to hardcore concerts for the energy and pits.

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