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    I know this is like saying, "I'm a dating a wicked hot girl and she hasn't dumped me"

    ....but, do you all think that the fact we have yet to see any retaliatory action here at home for "Operation Iraqi Freedom" is a fairly decent indication that Al Qeada and similar terrorist networks are severely incapicitated at the moment? I'll be honest and say that I truly expected a swift and severe retaliation within the first few the point that I actually cancelled a trip to visit a friend in NYC (and, yes, i know that this very action is one of the desires of such groups...i'm sorry).

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    I think it is a combination of several things including:

    Better awareness by policing and customs agents and the public at large - several possible attachs have been foiled because people reported suspicious things that were followed up fairly quickly

    Hard to organise when you are on the run - planning takes time and space - thats one thing afghan was good for - they knew they could be at peace there and protect their own families while planning the destruction of someone else's

    State and private sponsors who might have been willing to give funds and assistance before are now leary because they feel, rightly, that the Bush administration will punish them for it.

    Muuuuuuucccccccchhhhhhhhh harder to get an entry visa from any of the countries that they nomally have access to - people who are already in may be willing to assist others but may not be so keen to give up the good life themselves

    Some attacks have a long planning cycle

    The Lord has been very merciful to the US

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    Unfortunately time is on the side of the terrorist. Hopefully we can keep their funds depleted and continue to infiltrate cells in this country and throughout the world. If our guard comes down we could be in for a big reminder. Lets just hope that never happens.

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    I would like to think that this is the case big green. I wish I could say for sure, but honestly I highly doubt we have seen the end of terrorism. Perhaps bin laden is incapacitated, but it is only a matter of time before somebody takes his place. Cells in our country can strike at will. i wish that I could believe that they are just scarred to but based on what I know of terrorists they are just plotting. I hope that whatever is next on the terrorists agenda is foiled...but honestly I expected retaliation by this time too....god i hope i am wrong

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    we are invading a country that doesnt want us there and trying to assinate a pres/ leader. I SUPPORT our troops but what im saying is there will be repercautions they will hate us war is not a good thing it is lose lose for life.

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