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    I think I finally decided on an MP3 player...I need expert input!!!

    Here is a link to the model i am contemplating buying...i will also be purchasing a 1 gig flashcard separately.....what do you all think? have any experience with this brand??? i like it because it's lightweight and is FM radio capatible....its the "NEX ia" model...

    here is the manufacturer website:

    This thing hasn't even been released yet, so obviously its very new....therefore, i haven't been able to find hardly any info. on it....any help from you good bros would be greatly appreciated!!!!
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    Honestly, I hadn't heard of that particular brand. As far as the actual model goes, I personally would have a little trouble going with that one if you'll be using it for cardio AND lifting. I got that pretty durable rubber coated, no buttons exposed Nike/rio model, and over the course of a weight training session, I'm surprised at the number of times it gets banged around...though the bastard has held up. I'm just saying i'd be wary of somethign with exposed buttons and an LCD screen since I've found that to be the case.

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    Get a Mini disc player instead. You can record mp3's on the discs anyway. You get over 5 hours of music on one disc and 56 hours of play back on 1 AA battery. Plus you don't need to buy memory like with mp3's. The best investment I have ever made for the gym.

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    dude, mini disc player... they are amazing., i have one. its so much better, because there is cheap, removable memory, so you can be sure anything you do is correctable.

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