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    Question Doctor for blood work?

    Hey brothas, bout to start my fourth cycle and have never had my blood checked for test levels, etc. Is there a clinic or something that will do that? Funds are low, etc. Honestly, I just don't feel like I have recovered from my last cycle. so, i would like some proof one way or the other. what would you guys do???

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    Hey Steele,
    No one responded to this? Here's a bump for ya.
    I asked my old doc about it once and he said he saw no reason, then I asked my new one (I 'd moved) and he said he didn't either since I wasn't showing any symptoms. Heck, I just wanted to know! But I guess they don't want to bill the insurance co without a good reason.
    So good luck, bro, sorry there's not much more I can tell you. You could always go to a private clinic but they charge an arm and a leg.

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    Damn its weird over there in the US, here in Australia, you goto any doc say you want a blood test and they've got the needle in your arm about 2 secs after you finish the sentence.

    I'd just say you want to have a comprehensive blood test just to make sure your in good health, my last blood test showed i was low in B12, even though i had no symptoms of anything. There is no reason why they shouldnt want to give you a blood test. If they refuse, just insist and say you'll goto the medical board or someshit like that and complain about them.

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    Life Extension Foundation offers blood testing

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