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    Interesting article on ESPN

    Hey bros, just thought this was very interesting. BBallers switching from AS to gh so they go undetected.


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    Good read...I often wonder why the general public finds it so inconceivable that the drug use is as widespread as is often claimed...or, for that matter, why current players feel the public is so naive as to believe it. Some economist from Cornell (his name escapes me but i think we have a cornell student here...maybe he remembers) has written an essay on the inevitability of steroid (and other performance enhancing drugs) use in professional sports. At its core is the reasoning that if guys (many like "us") are willing to use these substances simply to look and feel good, compete a bit, etc, etc, what possible logic allows one to ignore the fact that when league minimum salaries of six figures (to say nothing of the allure of million dollar contracts) and those who get such contracts and those who don't are often separated in the terms of milliseconds and minute fractions of ability are the reality, steroid use could possibly NOT exist in these sports? I'm at a loss.

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    Im at cornell, and I don't remember his name either although I do remember the article of which you speak coming out. sorry

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