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    Emberassing Stories

    whats up fellas i wanted to tell everyone on the board a very embarassing story (to get this story u have to know that i have had acne for minute now and its gone away, somewhat, but i still have plenty of blemishes, and scars! ):
    so ive been digging this girl for a couple of months now (shes really innocent and has never had a b/f so thats why its been taking so long to "spit the game"), so she calls me last night and asks me to come over and hang out, so i get up and take a shower get readdy and go over there. (the whole way there i was telling my self that,"tonights the night im gonna make amove") so i arrive at her house and say hi to her pops and moms, and proceed up stairs to her room. so we start kicking it and somehow i end up helping her w/ homework, so were laying on our stomachs on the floor, just having fun doing homework (which was fine because we were all close n'stuff) but her lil bro walks in (hes about 4 and he loves me cuz i ALWAYS play w/ him) and he starts jumping on the bed and starts begging me to play w/ him, but the girl was like "jimmy get out of here were trying to study!" (which was awkward because she ALWAYS wants her lil bro or sis around, i think she was thinking "tonight is the night" also) but of course lil jimmy wouldnt listen to her! next thing i know hes on my back bugging the hell out of me but i ignore him, and she does the same. now about 5 minutes have gone by and he hassnt said a word, so i look at her and she looks at me and we look at jimmmy who is STARING at my face, and then he asks "whats wrong w/ ur face?" (O MY FUCKING GOD, this kid just asked me whats wrong w/ my face in front of the girl i like!!!!!!) i was soooo emberassed, but i proceeded to tell him "they're booboos!" and fromthen on out it was very awkward, so i didnt "make a move" and my night sucked!!!!!!! anyways i thought it was very funny and i would share it w/ u guys, feel free to share any emberassing stories, about ur selves!!!!!

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    that sucks bro...little kids have a way of embarassing people, as one of my nephews always can find out what makes a person insecure and say something rude.

    i will say this though, you should have made a move anyway...a little kid shouldn't have the power to decimate you in front of a girl in a situation that could ultimately be good. sometimes its easy to lose sight of the prize when you are taken aback by a comment about your appearance, especially in front of said prize. just recognize that you are a powerful individual and that you showing confidence despite the circumstances would have let her know you meant business and had total confidence in your appearance.

    just wait until a better time and place to make your first move since you can't change what happened.

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    My GOD!!! What a nightmare....Kids are so blunt! You are lucky that the kid didnt ask you out loud, HEY, ARE YOU GOING TO FUCK MY SISTER?" Cause that happened to me! So dont feel so bad.


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    You should have said "well Jimmy when a man has a giant Penis sometimes it causes him to have acne".

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    Originally posted by Rickson
    You should have said "well Jimmy when a man has a giant Penis sometimes it causes him to have acne".

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    Originally posted by Rickson
    You should have said "well Jimmy when a man has a giant Penis sometimes it causes him to have acne".

    YEAH!! Then to drive your point home you shoulda skull fucked the little shit since he probably cost you at the very LEAST some good groping!! ‘er… did I say that?! Sorry,, must be the TEST talking… Oop… hey,, gotta go!! “Here kitty kitty…..!”

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