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    my trip to nogales!!

    the long awaited day finally came! i left w/ a friend of mine to nogales today! when i got there i was very excited. i walked in to mex about 100ft and some guy came up to me and said "what do u need? deca winny sostenon?" i was like "YES" so he took me about 4 blocks in and he lead us to a vet (that i would have never found w/out him). the guy had his GOODS in the glass case, and as i took a quick glance i became upset, because he had no qv gear! i then asked him about enantat 250. he went in the back, and came back w/ a beautifully shrink wrapped, box of enantat 250. i then asked him the price of the bottle and he said ...........$55/box! and i said wtf. i swear i spent an hour hussling this guy down to 40/box and even then i wasnt satisfied. his prices were outrageous, $350 for brovel t2 50ml!!!!!!!!! so anyways i left that fucking store and looked for another vet! about 7 blocks down (walking) we found this LITTLE vet that was more of a pet hospital, when i walked in he came out w/ bloody hands and u could hear a dog weaping in the back door! anyways i talkd to him and he showed me a book of what he had and i picked outsome cyiponate by ttokkyo once again i spent some time hussling his price from 40 to 30, i paid him and he went home and brang back 4 bottles of the stuff! as i was getting the $$$ the dog that was weaping, was now limping (he just got neutered) and blood was drippng!!!!!!!!! ( i almost threw up) anyways i thought of a BRILLIANT IDEA on how to bring the stuff back, which i wont talk abuot in the open! the line getting back into az was about 1/2 mile long(memorial day weekend)! but after the wait, the lady just asked us "citizenship" and we walked right threw!
    the moral of my thread is to inform all: the deeper u go into mexico the better the prices get, and dont take ur pet to a vet in mexicoand also i did not see ONE FAKE inside the vets, but in the farmacias .........another story!
    so i just thought id share my succesful story to u guys who might be planning to go soon!

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    Re: my trip to nogales!!

    Originally posted by chevy44
    and also i did not see ONE FAKE inside the vets, but in the farmacias .........another story!
    Hmmm...that's interesting. Anyone else share this experience??

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