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    Guys this really really hurts....please help

    You all know about me and my girl breaking up. Well we got back together and I have been trying to work things out but all we do is fight fight fight. Tonight I broke up with her hoping she's try to make things better and she gave me my ring back. I asked her to bring her friend home so we could have a night to ourselves to straighten things out and to try and make things work. Well she came over and said her friend wasn't going home and she doens't want to break up with me but bla bla bla bla bla fucking bla....what do i do this hurts so bad right now i can truely feel that this is the end and i can't imagine this being it it hurts so bad..please give me some tips guys please please i need help pleas guys

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    I think that you know what you need to do! Time will be the only thing that will make it better for you. Don't keep trying to fool yourself into thinking that things will get better. If it was meant to be then things would probably have panned out by now. You just have to tell yourself that the pain shall pass, but only if you let it. I have been through this before and I know how much it sucks. I feel for ya bro cause I know that you are all torn up inside. For me it was about me not wanting to be alone. If she refuses to be alone with you then she obviously doesn't feel as strongly about the relationship as you do.

    If you still want a relationship with her then you have to sit back and ask yourself if you think that she will ever change the things that you don't like about her. Also, ask yourself if you are willing to change the things about yourself that she doesn't like. You will most likely find out that there are too many issues that come between you two. People argue for a reason and unless you guys can come to a compromise then things will never get better. They will only get worse!

    I hope you make the right decision! Be sensible! Good luck bro!

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    Mammoth hit the nail on the head. If you truly believe it's worth saving, then reevaluate what you both want in the relationship and try and start over. Or you can break off for a bit and see if she's really worth keeping...

    Best of luck bro...

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