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    Calling All Pharmacist's- yea you you lazy fucker now post

    Ok guys just wondering about what you make a year and all the little itty bitty details that involve being a drug dealer(legal of course)

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    Dont you work in a pharm? Anyways, i have a good friend who works in one, and says the Pharmacist at his Walmart makes six figures!!!

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    not a pharmacist, more pharmacology. however i think they make ~70k/yr. need to have a four year degree in one of the hard sciences to be really considered i think because its pretty competetive. then just a couple years of schooling, then you get to spend the rest of your life counting out pills for crabby old women. doesnt sound like fun at all to me. if i were you i would go into research if you have an interest in the field. biology or chemistry. the hours are better, more relaxed and no dealing with customers. plus you get to learn how to make and prepare your own drugs!

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    I work in the field and you can go in two directions.
    1) Hospital pharmacist - 70-90k ( shortage)
    2) Retail- Eckards/Walgreens/CVS etc _ 80k- and up !

    It is one of the most needed fields in medicine, including Radiology Techs and Pharm techs.
    Anything in Allied Health - Which covers anyone that does the ancillary care is in great demand !

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