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Thread: instant muscle

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    instant muscle

    i just discovered the coolest thing...its called "unshapen mask" and it will give you instant cuts!

    see, i took some progress pics by myself. i set up a tripod and focused on a wall, then i hit the timer button and stood infront of the wall. since i was actually standing a few feet in front of where the focus was, all my pics were kinda outta focus. so naturally, when i got em on my computer, i tried to use the "sharpen" option to clean em up. well, it didn't work too well, and i remember my mom saying something about "unshapen mask".

    damn! the difference is like night and day! i coulda post em as before an after cycle pics! its like, any kind of definition it just makes more >a lot< more, but at same time, not messed up looking.

    i wish i kept the original pics so i could show yall. anyways, who ever has photoshop (or gimp on linux), yall should play around with unsharpen mask next time you got progress pics...=)

    -- clocky baby

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    You wuss! hehe

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