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Thread: arginine

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    has anyone used arginine as a sexual aid? i was just reading my maxim magazine and it said that at like 2500 mg a day, "it will keep you up and coming all night" i think im gonna try it regardless of if it works or not, because at like $10 a bottle, its hard to go wrong.

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    wow, 2500 mg is a lot to take, no?
    Do you have to take it every day to see th results or can you just pop a couple when you need it to do the trick?

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    "Low doses of arginine, at 500 mg three times a day, have not been found to be effective. A double-blind, placebo controlled trial of 50 men with erectile dysfunction tested arginine at a dose of 5 g per day for six weeks. Only about a third of the participants who received arginine showed improvement, but that improvement was greater than the 10% improvement seen in the placebo group. Moreover, erectile dysfunction is caused by a variety of factors. L-arginine may be effective only in those men whose erectile dysfunction is due to low levels of nitric oxide. Studies in animals provide some evidence for effectiveness as well.
    The effects of arginine are enhanced when combined with yohimbe and ginkgo, and probably with other sex supplements.
    The most common side effect noted is a mild feeling of skin flushing that comes on within the first hour of intake. I have taken up to 15 g in one day with no significant side effects. However, it is best not to exceed more than 5 g without medical supervision.
    I do not recommend using arginine daily for prolonged periods. It appears very safe when used occasionally. One study in mice who had immune-related kidney disease showed supplementation with large amounts of arginine daily for 40 days was harmful to the kidneys. The relevance of this finding, if any, to humans, is not known."
    -Ray Sahelian MD

    I can't rationalize taking such LARGE doses of arginine. 5 grams per day seems like an extraordinary amount...I wouldn't recommend it.

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