so, let me start this off by saying i trust my girlfriend 100%, and in no way am i a jealous person. but, the other day i got into a bit of a fight with my girl, so i stopped talking to her and went to bed.the next day i come home from work and shes not home. i fall asleep at about 8:00, and when i wake up at 3:00 in the morning she still isnt home. normally this is ok because she stays with her friend sometimes when im mad so she can avoid me, but i started freaking out. the thoughts going through my head were crazy, i thought she was with some guy, thought she had left me, etc. i tried to get ahold of her all day at work and couldnt, so by the end of the day i was shaking like mad because i was so pissed and freaked out, and i wasnt thinking straight at all. needless to say my girlfriend was home when i got home and everything was fine, but this is way out of character for me. im now on day twelve of clomid and no way am i doing it again. next time its nolva/ hcg , because this swing in moods is f*n me up.