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    "SCIENCE MUSCLE" on tv!!!!!!!!

    i was at a friends house the other night, and we were watching tv. as we flipped thru the channels, a bodybuilder caught our eye on the science channel, so we left it there! the show was entitled, "science muscle" and it went on saying outrageous things about AS! one of the professors actually said that AS actually will destroy ur brain and u start to see things etc. it was amazing, because as i looked around the room (of about 12) every single kid was amazed what the show had to say and was agreeeing w/ it. i started to defend AS but they already think i juice (haters) so i kinda just let it slide! but i was just so mad that i had to share w/ my "juice family!"

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    The professor is right I do see things while on AS. I see myself getting bigger!

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    and i see myself gettin boners more!

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    Originally posted by jeffylyte
    and i see myself gettin boners more!
    ...I don't want to see that!

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    The show was actualy pretty good aside from the AAS issue.

    Most of the show was about how far training methods have come to evolve over time. Including the use of computers to show bar travel, and strength curves and flaws in techinque and form. Also recovery methods were covered briefly.

    The thing is I think everyone should see this show just for the fact that most people haven't changed their veiws on training and training methods in years.

    They may change up their workouts every so often- exercises, sets, reps, etc.. but how many have given any thought to using alternative training methods: chains, bands, plyometrics or, proactive recovery methods and resoration?

    They showed alot of Shane Hammons training he's a top olympic lifter and one big dude. They also showed alot of the strong man and powerlifting events at tha Arnold Classic.

    As far as the AAS issue what do you expect them to do condone AAS use on national TV?

    By now we should just expect that sort of uneducated ignorance reguarding steriod use.

    Just my .02


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