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    personal training

    Can anyone tell me what the necessary steps are to become a certified personal trainer? Do we have any on this board? It's something that interests me and would like to give it more thought as to it being something i might want to do in the future. Thanks for any info.

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    A few months back we had a good discussion going about this...i wouldn't even begin to suggest search terms, as I can't remember exactly how it came up, but try the "search titles only" option for 'personal trainer' in the advanced search and maybe you'll stumble across it. It was a good discussion if I'm not mistaken, and I'm sure it was not the only one.

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    I'm certified. Got all the books and studied...went to a weekend course at my gym, and took the test. The A.C.E test is no joke though, you will need to study.

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    Personal Trainer

    pm me and i will hook you up with some sites for personal a trainer for golds...good money...where else can you get $50 an hour to work out with women all day

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