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    Barber question . . .

    What do y'all like or dislike about your barber? And what would you like your barber to do to improve the service (s)he gives?
    I'm asking 'cause I just got into the barber biz, and figured I'd see what customers want barbers to do, so I can do a better job . . .
    10,000 Thanx . . .

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    At the place I go to, everyone from the receptionist to the actual hairdresser remembers my name every time...that is a nice touch that keeps me going back.

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    Well I cut my own hair now. No, I don't bic like some of you. I use an 8 on the top and usually a 1 guard on the sides. I've gotten so good I can fade the back with ease. Now I just need to learn to trim the neckline.

    But when I did go to a barber, I liked how he remembered my name, remembered how I like it cut. I like it how he was quick at cutting it too. How he chats about stuff I like that he remembers.

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    Like mentioned before, every time i go in, he talks about the conversation we had the previous time. Really makes an effort to build a relationship with his clients...and lets not forget giving a quality haircut.

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    Well, I guess I'm a bit of a freak at this, but when I go to my barbers I like the job to be done quickly and quietly. How long can a #2 and #1 buzz cut be anyways.

    Fortunately my barber knows that and he hurries up and shuts his trap, does a good job and gets a big fat tip every time.

    Call me antisocial, but I don't go to my barbers to chat. Kudos to him for realizing that and giving this customer what he wants


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    Yeah I like a friendly conversation. Just pisses me off how much prices for cuts are. Anywho, good luck on your business

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    Hire a hot ass flirty blonde shampoo girl to keep customers coming back. A service not too many barbers have...


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    my bro cuts my hair, andi love how he always say "uh oh", and freaks me out! going along the lines w/ kemastur, my bro cuts his own hair and it looks better then any haircut i have ever seen a barber give, i just dont get how u do it! but when i went to the barber, i always liked the conversation, and the friendliness.

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