here is my near death experience. im sitting in waffle house about 230 in the morning getting my grub on and all of a sudden i hear a gun shot and two guys running around with ski mask, wanting everybody's money and thats when my whole life flashed before my eyes and then you think well do i interveen and try and take down the guy with the gun and thats when you see the gun and you think hell no i aint doing anything that mutha fcka shoots big bullets, so after the robbers get all 30 dollars out of the cash register they jet, and of course nobody gets a look at what there driving so your thinking they got away scott free well then you remember that one of the robbers takes a nose dive into the pavement right after he runs out the door well little does he know he drooped his fcking pager so now he is not as slick as he thinks he is, i mean for god sakes he's robbing the waffle house at least he could of waited till mcdonalds opened up, well thats my near death experience. anybody else out there have a interesting story.