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    Old threads brought back from the dead

    Having an old thread come back up to the new section:::: I mean sure people do searches and pull up old threads but replying to some of them and pulling them up as new. I dont know. Replying to a post written a year ago seems kind of obsolete. Im sure some guys are gonna say " well if it is informative and you wanna give your input" Well then I say just start a new thread so we dont have to scroll through 4 or 5 pages to see what the new response was. I mean just summarize the thread and incorporate it into your own. I could go on but I will let it go. Just wanted to get it out.

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    Agreed, not to mention they just repeat the same damn shit. Pisses me off...

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    My favorite is when someone pulls up a thread from a year ago that took place over a 2 or 3 day period, and then they ask a question that is totally obsolete due to the time frame. Something like "I have a competition in 2 weeks" (from the original thread) and the newest response (even though it's 10 months later) is something like "Good luck!". That shit makes me laugh.

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    I like reading older threads, especially those from 2 years ago. I'm gonna go bump a few...suckers!

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