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    Jun 2003

    Injection was so easy

    I did my first injection in the glute with a 23 gg 1 1.5
    I had my room mate do it. Showed her the home page with the injection info. I layed down and was nervouse. Couldnt feel shit. Was the easiest thing ever. I think ant bites hurt worse than that. I am actually looking forward to the next one
    Dont ask me how I am feeling tomorrow though. Im sure the Sust will be kickin in.

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    Apr 2003
    Doing it yourself is definitely better than having your roommate poke you in the ass.

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    The first time you do it sticking it in is pretty easy, but keeping it in is the tricky part. Oh wait, you were talking about injections....

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    You layed down with your ass in the air while a woman with a sharp object stood over you? You've got enough guts to inject yourself.

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