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Thread: Movie Theory

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    Movie Theory

    It was long overdue, but I finally rented Magnolia. Everyone I have talked to about the film really seems to despise it, but I guess they're just not the thinking type. It definitely just cracked my top 10.

    Of course I don't know how many of you guys and gals have seen it, but I know we have some movie fans on the board. Anyway I have this theory about the film and while this is probably going to be ignored by most, I just wanted to see what some other fans think. So here goes....

    I think the entire film is a re-telling of Exodus. If you look closely during the film you will repeatedly find the use of the #'s 8 and 2. Exodus 8:2 is when Moses tells the Pharoah (symbolically played by Jason Robards) to let his people go, or he would unleash a plaque of frogs upon the Pharoah's country. This symbolic significance of Earl is made clear when you find out that Partrige was the game shows producer. Not one of the peoples lives would have changed if the game show hadn't have started. Earl is the direct cause of the peoples troubles, therefore the players in the cast are symbolic of the Pharoah's oppressed. So when Earl dies, the plague of frogs end and all of the oppressed find redemption.

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    hummm... interesting analogy. would probably be even MORE interesting if I had seen the damn movie... I'll rent it this weekend and get back to ya.

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