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    10 amendments to 10 commandments . . .

    Crazy stuff, no?

    Bill introduced to Change First Ten Amendments into the Ten Commandments

    (EAP) - Senator Bill Frist (R-Tennessee) yesterday introduced the Defense of God & Morals Act (DOGMA) of 2003. Frist said the bill would "amend the Constitution so that the Ten Commandments take the place of those Godforsaken Bill of Rights. This is a Christian country," he declared, "and it's time our Constitution show that."

    Sen. Frist said he realized the need for the bill when a federal judge ruled
    recently that a Ten Commandments monument installed in Alabama's judicial building by the state's chief justice must be removed because it violates the separation of church and state. "How far we've fallen when the Supreme Laws of God are not allowed in a courtroom. We need to put God and the Ten Commandments back into government," Sen. Frist said.

    He also added, "Liberals keep claiming that US law is not based on the Ten Commandments, we need to change that. The only way to stop the moral decay of the USA is to end the separation of church and state. Secularists have been holding our country hostage for too long. The first amendment's promise of freedom of religion and no government endorsement of religion is clearly in violation of God's law. I think we can all agree, God's law should come first."

    Nadine Strossen, President of the ACLU, spoke against the bill, "It's a
    horrible idea. The Bill of Rights contains the guarantees of many vital
    American rights: freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, the right to a public trial, the right to a jury, no unreasonable searches and seizures, no cruel and unusual punishment. To take those away would completely destroy our country as a democracy."

    "This is one nation under God," Sen. Frist replied. "It's time we start acting like it. God bless America." He added, "I always consider it a good sign when the ACLU is against you. It means that God must be on your side."

    A spokesman for the NRA asked that the bill be changed so that the second amendment could remain in its present form. "We mostly support this bill, but we feel that God cares more about us having guns then He does about graven images. But if He asks we'd be willing to shoot up any graven images He wishes us to destroy."

    Frist hasn't commented on any possible changes to the bill yet, but an
    anonymous source says he would likely consider such a change. "The second amendment is very important to Senator Frist and if nothing else he will change DOGMA so that the current second amendment becomes the 28th amendment."

    Will "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" soon be replaced by "Thou shalt have no other Gods but me"? Only God knows.

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    is this for real? how ignorant can this guy be? obviously he doesnt know his history. church and state are separated for a reason, they dont work together. what a moron.

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    Jeez please someone tell me thats a joke!



    It's just too scary to take seriously.


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    Of course it's a joke. The NRA wants the right to bear arms to replace Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultry.

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