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    Unhappy I'm turning into a fish!!

    Knowing that diet is the foundation to a successful workout campaign I carefully plan my meals. Since fish is one of my favorite foods, I decided to use it as my main source of protein. So I eat tuna in my eggs for breakfast, tuna right out of the can all during the day, and fresh fish for dinner most nights. This system was working out fine for me… or at least I thought so. But lately I’ve been noticing some “changes”, mostly subtle ones, like my skin having a more “scaly” appearance. Or last week when I was able to hold my breath for almost 4 minutes in the pool!! (And lets not forget the webbing that is appearing between my toes, slowly joining them together into a crude flipper…) But this morning I made a discovery that forced me to face the cold blooded truth… Gills! Yes, you heard right, right below my ears at the back of my jaw, two thin lines… my girlfriend says they are just “age lines” and not to worry, that while I may be going crazy, I’m definitely NOT turning into a fish!

    But I'm not fooled, I know she has something to do with my transformation. I saw a can of tetra food in her cabinet, I bet she’s slipping it into my protein shakes! She probably plans to make a hefty profit selling me to Sea World… So if you guys notice me not posting in a few months please come to Sea World and pull a “Free Willie!”
    I’ll be the 240lbs blowfish with the massive traps!
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