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    A Stirring Tale of Adventure and Mayhem, by Nathan

    It was a dark night. Hunter Pegor stumbled lazily through the thick foliage of the surrounding forest.
    "Where the fuck did the Sun go?" he asked of no one in particular.
    Hunter was a large man. He had thick, broad shoulders and strong arms to match them. Curly locks of dirty blonde hair cascaded down past his forehead, licking delicately at his handsome nose and full lips. Hunter was not the type of man to be caught unprepared in any situation. He carried a long broadsword strapped to his back and was by no means a novice in the proper use of such a powerful weapon.
    Suddenly, a tall, slender man stepped out from beneath the cloak of darkness. He kept to the shadows but revealed himself just enough to make his presence known. Hunter turned and in one fluid motion drew his sword.
    "Can I help you?" Hunter enquired.
    The stranger shifted his gaze slightly to acknowledge the heavy weapon in the large man's hands. The sudden movement revealed two pointy ears poking through his thick mane of jet black hair. An elf, Hunter thought.
    "What do you want?" Hunter asked again as he sheathed his mighty sword.
    "Nothing, really. I heard you while taking a walk through the woods. I was just curious at to what you were doing in so lonely a place at this hour."
    The elf then reached into a brown satchel he carried at his side and drew forth a white rabbit. He began poking playfully at the rabbit's genitals while rubbing himself ferociously. "You can piss all over my rabbit if you like," he said.
    Hunter quickly revealed his immense phallus while muttering the words to a spell under his breath. As he pulled his foreskin back, the head of his penis began to emit a bright white light. The elf realed backwards, blinded by the overpowering light and clutching at his eyes wildly in anguish. Hunter didn't waste an instant. He drew his broadsword and prepared himself to deal a mighty blow. With a grunt, he unleashed the full force of his muscular arms, cleaving the elf in half.
    The right side of the dead elf's body slowly separated from the left and fell to the ground with a loud thump. Hunter wiped the gore from his blade with the elf's tunic. As he turned to leave he noticed a slightly obese, stark naked gnome sodomizing the elf's white rabbit from behind. With a smile on his blood-smeared face, Hunter turned and walked into the night. As he escaped into the darkness he heard the muffled cries of joy emanating from the lips of the portly gnome.

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    Nathan, have you ever read the book The Gray Man? I think that's the title. I know you like swords so I thought you might like to read it.

    Other than the book, tell the doc, at your next session, to turn up the volt/amps. HA I'll have to say you have one hell of an imagination but what's even more impressive is the fact you can put it to words so well. Down right frightening!

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    What I wouldn't do to take a peek inside your medicine cabinet. You must really keep your pharmacist in business bro.

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    hey nathan!

    why was i not invited to this little get together?after all, shrooms make my heart go vroooooooooooomm!!!!tasty tasty?is that you tasty tasty shrooms?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juggernaut2148
    Nathan, have you ever read the book The Gray Man? I think that's the title.
    I think Nathan read that one already but misspelled it a bit "The Gay Man"

    Nathan - if you began writing fiction (well, more than your normal posts) I dont think the publishing world could handle your particular genious.

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    Well, this is the first time in my life that I've literally coated my monitor with that which i was eating and drinking. Kudos on that major accomplishment.

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    That was good.

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    I look forward to more tales of Hunter Pegor.....

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    Hey Nath? Please dont tell your children bed time stories....Im sure they will wanna grow up normal

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