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    Would anyone in the DC area be willing to help me out??

    By selling me some STEROIDS ???

    Just kidding, of course. But, if there is someone I know decently from the board in the DC area (as i have no friends or relatives currently living there) I could really use your help...even better if you know anything about cars.

    I've been searching high and low for the perfect car, and finally found an Xterra exactly how i want it...old headlight style (none of the circle crap that they come with new), sport package, neoprene seats, etc, etc. THe problem is, I don't want to drop a decent amount of money buying this thing "sight unseen" and would like to have someone i know a bit at least take a look at the thing first to make sure it actually runs and such. If anyone in the area would be willing to do this (i'm not gonna hold you liable or anything if it breaks down a month later, i just want someone to start it up and maybe take it around the block to make sure there's nothing that sucks on it) please let me know either here or via would be greatly appreciated and I'd owe you big!!

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    Shit man, i wish i could help you out. I live in CT, which isn't too far away, and i was planning a trip to SC to hit the beaches this upcoming weekend. I would've definitely made a pit stop down by you to check the x-terra out. Unfortunately, i tore my LCL and miniscus in my right knee sunday, and the trip is cancelled.. bad news for you and me both.

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